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St Matthews RegistrationThe "St. Matthew's LLO Scout Troop" was formed in mid 1921 when the St. Matthew's Church in St. Albans, Christchurch adopted the "Avonside Boy Scout Troop LLO".  The Avonside Troop itself was formed in the earliest days of Scouting, and although the exact date is unknown we have two reports from early Scouting periodicals which place it in either 1908 or 1909.  This makes St. Matthew's LLO one of the oldest surviving and continuously running Scout Groups in New Zealand (albiet with a change of name and many changes of home along the way).

St. Matthew's LLO has a rich and colourful history, and this page will be a living document in an attempt to capture the history in a way that should inspire pride and respect in our current members.  It is truly an honour to be part of a Scout Group with its roots reaching back to the very earliest days of Scouting, both in New Zealand and World Wide.

L.L.O - whats that?

One of the most often-asked questions is, "What does the LLO stand for?".  The short answer is, "Lady Liverpool's Own", but where did this title come from?  To answer that, we need to step back in time to before the formation of the St. Matthew's Scout Troop.  The following is an excerpt from our 50th celebrations booklet written by Mrs. Jean Hinman and David Hinman:

The Group's sub-title (abbreviated as L.L.O.) was originally bestowed upon the Avonside Troop in 1920, by the Countess of Liverpool, wife of the then Governor General, the Earl of Liverpool.  The Troop, which had been especially selected for the task, performed to the satisfaction of Their Excellencies, various duties and ceremonial parades such as Guards of Honour etc. and in recognition of their service and efficiency, Her Excellency consented to the Troop being called "Lady Liverpool's Own", and presented them with a silver cup to be competed for amongst the members.  The title, and the cup, were taken over by the renamed St. Matthew's Troop in 1922, and the cup remains in the possession of the Group to this day.  The Group records still contains the letter from Lady Liverpool, dated August 7th 1922, giving her consent to the name change.


Our Patron:

Annette Foljambe, the Lady Liverpool


Background Information:

NZ's first Chief Scout Lt. Colonel Cossgrove

The Diocesan Brigade


The History of The Troop:

It should be noted that several of the history documents in this section were written in the past by other members of the Troop / Group (the term Troop was used up to 1930, when it was replaced with Group).  Each differs in small ways to the others, and as most of the people involved are long since departed we can only use what we have to make the best assumption of our history.  A current full version of our history is in the works, and no doubt it will differ again from the versions offered here.  Mostly this will be due to new information being uncovered in national archives, the Blue Skies National Scout Museum and in early Anglican Church records.

The Avonside Boy Scout Troop - who became St. Matthew's 

 - Scouts in the Avonside Troop - The ones we know of anyway

Letter from Scoutmaster Brown to Lady Liverpool - Requesting the LLO title

    Rhodes Convalescent Home - one of the three Honour Guards for Lady Liverpool

The First Annual Meeting of St. Matthew's Boy Scout Troop - Committee Meeting Minutes 

Transcript of a hand-written history assembled in approximately 1930 - Almost certainly written by Rev. J. Rich

Arthur Reeve's Troop history book (images of the orginal): transcript here

Another short history, typed and found in the archives - author unknown

St. Matthew's Parish Magazine excerpts

A brief history of the Cub Pack - author unknown, possibly Mrs. Jean Hinman



21st - Coming of Age

50th - Anniversary Celebrations


Hall of Remembrance:

Scoutmasters (list of our Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters)

- Chief Scoutmaster (Reverend) Edward Edwards (probably our first Scoutmaster)

- Scoutmaster (Reverend) J. Rich

- Scoutmaster Arthur W. V. Reeve - MBE, Bronze Wolf



- Canon Reverend Staples Hamilton - First St. Matthew's Troop Chairman (coming)

- C. H. Clibborn - First St. Matthew's Troop Honoured Secretary

- Mrs. Jean Hinman (nee. Wilkins) (coming)


Our Scout Hall:

How it came to be

Paper clippings, photos, etc



The Lady Liverpool Cup

The Diocesan Standard (coming)

The Kings Standard (Kings Prize)

Fuller Fire Banner

Rugby matches





Please contact us if you can provide any history on the Avonside Boy Scout Troop (Or the "Holy Trinity" Troop which was started in 1917 Avonside Parish and its Holy Trinity Church) or the St. Matthew's LLO Scout Group.  We would dearly love to gain verbal, photographic or written history to build on what little we have.


Footnote: A good historical reference for Scouting in New Zealand can be found here