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St. Matthew's LLO Scout Group has a good size hall, and a collection of useful equipment that we occasionally hire out.  Please contact us if you would like to book something.  The prices are per day - but special rates can be considered for long-term, or mass-hire.  Unless otherwise stated, there is a $50 bond for each hire.

The Hall. Available to community groups, musical groups, sports groups etc for daytime and some evening hire.  Sorry, but we are unable to hire it for parties (ie: 21sts).  POA.

Good quality solid trestle tables.  8 available, $25 to hire the first one, $15 ea for any more you require.3 Trestle Table

Good quality foldable chairs.  54 available, $3 per chair, $50 minimum hire fee.4 Collaspsible Chairs

Chocolate wheel: $50 (includes numbered paddles)5 Chocolate Wheel

Candy floss machine: $100 (+ $80 bond).

5 Candy Floss Machine


Contact Nick at hire@stmatts.co.nz for any enquiries