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Welcome to the St. Matthew's Scout Group - one of the oldest, and longest-consecutively-running Groups in New Zealand.

We have played a proud part in the history of New Zealand Scouting, and excel in developing young men and women with great handskills, bushcraft, physical and social skills and the ability to think for themselves.

Whats Happening at St. Matts:

13 Group Camp, Group PhotoGroup Camp was a hit!  Keas, Cubs and Scouts spent the weekend at Journeys End Camp engaging in a wide range of activities.  Check out the photo gallery here

Look for us in upcoming editions of St Albans News! We will have a series of articles tracing the proud history of the group, and some updates on what we are up to printed in forthcoming editions... keep an eye out.

2010 marked the 50th birthday of our Scout Den.  Due to the two major quakes in our city we have decided to combine this event with our upcoming 90th celebrations which will be held in late November 2012.  Our thoughts are with all those affected.